The Tyrone Guthrie Centre promotes excellence and innovation across all art forms by providing workspaces for professional writers, musicians, composers, choreographers, artists, directors, film makers, designers, critics, and others in the arts sector with a proven record of achievement. Residents work in an environment which supports and values artistic excellence, inclusivity, and peer exchange.

Guidelines for Applicants

Initially, all applicants are asked to complete an application form. Approval of this means that artist is invited to organise their first residency as well as future ones at the Centre.

New Applicants

Applications are invited from practising professional artists working in all genres. We accept applications all year round. Applicants should meeting the following Criteria:

  • Have a proven track record in their field 
  • Be recognised by their peers as a professional, exemplified by membership of an associated professional organisation.
  • Authors across all genres must be published by a professional publishing house.
  • Visual artists must have an exhibition track record in professional venues and work selected for exhibition by professional curators, and/or work in a public collection.
  • Musicians / composers / architects / designers / curators must have proven professional experience such as significant professional publication, performance, production and publishing histories. 

Returning Residents

If an artist has already been resident with us, they should email to request our Returning Residents form. Those awarded a specific bursary through the Arts Council , the ACNI, or through Arts Offices in Ireland and in Northern Ireland or through bursary competitions organised by the Tyrone Guthrie Centre and our partners are also considered to be approved for any future residencies with us, and do not have to apply to return.


I find the house a brilliant place to go for concentrated bursts at either the beginning or the end of projects when immersion and total lack of distraction is really helpful.

Nick Kelly - Musician & screenplay writer.

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